Monthly Subscription Boxes 101: What You Need to Know

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Monthly subscription boxes are all the rave in the US. From beauty products to food and pet care products, hundreds of people look forward to getting their gift box every month.

The subscription box craze has recently arrived in the Philippines. Although most of them contain health and beauty products, many local companies are now joining the bandwagon.

But just exactly what monthly subscription boxes? More important, are they worth the monthly subscription fee? We’ve got the answers for you here.

What are Monthly Subscription Boxes?

As you may have guessed, these are packages of goodies sent to you every month in return for paying a monthly subscription fee. They are also called mystery boxes because you don’t know what you’re exactly going to be getting each month.

The whole idea about monthly subscription boxes started in 2010 by a US company called Birchbox.

Source: BirchBox

For a monthly subscription fee of $10, Birchbox subscribers get four to five different kinds of beauty and lifestyle products.

Needless to say, their idea was a roaring success. Not long after, other companies in the US and other countries to follow in their footsteps.

SaladBox was the very first company to bring this novel idea in the Philippines. Just like BirchBox in the US, they offer a monthly gift box that filled with random beauty products.

Today, you can find monthly subscription boxes on just about anything and everything, from the staple beauty care products to DIY kits, and yes, even food.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Value for your money

Unlike those samples that are only good for a few days, monthly subscription boxes include regular-sized products. On top of getting to use them longer, they can easily be worth up to four times the amount you paid to subscribe. That alone is enough many to sign up for a membership.

Get exclusive offers

Some companies throw in invites and other exclusive offers to sweeten your monthly subscription boxes even more. Take the BDJBox from Belle de Jour, for example.

Source: BDJBox

In addition to getting your hands on beauty products worth close to four times their monthly subscription fee, you get access to exclusive, invite-only makeup parties and other events.

“Try before you buy” concept

One unique trait of every Filipino is being a segurista – you’d want to make sure that you tried and enjoyed something before going out and buying it.

That’s the beauty of monthly subscription boxes. Since many subscription boxes contain products that you can find these stores, you can get to try them out and see for yourself if you like them before going out and buying them individually.

Discover new items

Another benefit of monthly subscription boxes is that it also opens the door for you to discover and try new things.

WorldBites’ monthly subscription box does exactly that. Depending on the type of membership you get in WorldBites, you can find several different kinds of snacks imported from various parts of the world. Many these are not available even in many of the usual places you can get imported snacks in the Philippines.

The element of surprise

Who doesn’t like surprises? That’s the reason why these mystery boxes give you each month. It’s that element of surprise and curiosity of wanting to know what you will be getting that makes monthly subscription boxes more endearing.

Of course, the best way to see what the thrill and buzz about monthly subscription boxes are all about is to try it out for yourself. Unlike most food subscription boxes out there, WorldBites subscription boxes contain up to 11 different food items you can enjoy. Learn more about our different memberships, fill up the form, and start enjoying today.


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