Where to Find Imported Food Products in the Philippines?


There are several reasons why Filipinos crave for international snacks and imported food products. Filipinos love trying something new and different. They bring fond memories of our travels. For those who haven’t, this is the closest that they can get to get a taste of the world out there. Finding imported food products can be challenging, especially here in the Philippines. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of places where to find your favorite imported food products in the country.

5 Spots to Find Imported Food Products

Rustan’s Supermarket

Photo Credit: Century Properties

Rustan’s is one place where Filipinos can find international snacks and imported food products. Many come from the US, Australia, and Europe. Now and then, they come up with country-specific events where imported food items and snacks from one particular region go up for sale.

Cash & Carry Mall

Situated along the South Super Highway, this mall is home to several PX outlets. Most of them feature imported clothes, bags, and perfumes. But there are a few here where you can find international snacks and other dry imported food products from the US and Japan. Unfortunately, the choices are limited. If you do find your favorite international snack, don’t be ashamed to ask for a discount. Some will give in and take off a few pesos off your bill.

S&R Supermarket

Photo Credit: The Tummy Train

S&R is another popular place to find imported food products. Here you can find many of your international snack favorites like Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream. There are also a few unique imported food products as well. Pringle’s white chocolate potato chips, anyone? The downside about S&R is that a members-only supermarket. That means that you can only get to buy imported food products only if you are a member. The membership fee to shop here is P700, which you need to renew every year.

The Food Bin

Based in Quezon City, the Food Bin offers a variety of international snacks from the US, Japan, Italy, and Korea. In addition to their individual imported food products, they also offer food baskets you can give as a gift to your friends and family. If you don’t live in Manila or the traffic makes heading to their store unbearable, you can order from their Facebook or Instagram accounts, and they will have your orders shipped to you.

World Bites

Compared to the other places where you can buy imported food products, World Bites is still new. However, World Bites is a truly international marketplace for imported food products, offering a variety of snacks from a number of different countries, not just a select few. Adventurous Filipinos who seek to try food of different kinds and flavors will enjoy what World Bites provides. And since the products are sourced from many different countries, the selection at World Bites gives you the chance to taste the world through snacks. World Bites offers the convenience and fun of online shopping. For those who want to save, it also has subscription-based services.


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